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Building Credibility for Your Business

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, credibility means “the quality or power of inspiring belief”. Now what does that mean and why is it important for your business? In order for someone to want to purchase a good from your business, there needs to be some extent of trust. If a consumer is going to pay you, there must be a sense of security and belief that your business will fulfill what it promises. Whether that be providing a quality service or a product that satisfies their expectations, credibility is built overtime through many different areas. 

Here are some tips for helping small businesses build credibility. 

1. Build trust

This may sound simple, but it goes a long way. People tend to share bad experiences they had with a business, over sharing a positive experience. With that being said, you need to work hard to ensure you are offering goods that are fair in price and quality, helping you gain trust from your customers, creating credibility for your organization. 

2. Get plugged in online

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else (1). Having information about your business online is crucial for growth. If someone is unable to find your business address or contact information online, they are likely to move on to a different business. Establishing an online presence through social media and a website, legitimizing your business for customers. 

3. Use testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful tool in any business. Even if you are just launching your business, you can offer some free services or a giveaway product in exchange for a testimonial on your business. If you are already an established small business, ask some of your loyal customers to provide you with a testimonial, oftentimes they will be more than happy to. A customer's word on your product and brand, share with your target audience that your business is trustworthy. 

4. Portray your expertise

Whatever business you might run, a bakery, school, retail store, landscaping business, etc. show that you are an expert in that area. When a customer comes to you seeking your service, you are the expert. They are trusting your experience and knowledge to offer them something of value. Sharing advice and your experiences to your audience, increases your business’ overall credibility. 

Here at Kay Creative, we would love to help you increase your credibility. Visit our Contact Page to schedule a free consultation!


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