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Picking the Right Social Media Platform

For small businesses it can seem very overwhelming trying to figure out which platform is the best to market on. When you are running a small business, you often wear many hats to keep the business operating. Not only are you the manager and responsible for payroll, but you also are in charge of operations, networking, and several other areas. Marketing is one area that often slips through the crack. It can be seen as time consuming and not worth the effort. 

Marketing online through social media can be a great and easy way to start getting your business out there, and better yet, it doesn’t have to cost you any money! There are two main areas to look at when you are considering which platform to market on.

1. Which social media platform am I most comfortable on? 

You don’t want this to be a huge hassle, because if you are not comfortable on a platform, you more than likely won’t use it. Do you mainly use Instagram? Are you only on Facebook? Then start with that! This will help you get your business out into the world, and help you build credibility and connections with your target audience. 

2. Which social media platform is my target audience on?

Now you need to identify who your ideal customer is. Which audience are you serving? That will help you identify your target audience. Different social media platforms often have different audiences. 

If you are needing to reach an audience of 40+ year olds, Facebook would probably be the best route as many 40+ year olds are solely active on Facebook and no other social media. 

If you are an interior designer targeting young adults, Instagram might be the best route where you can include lots of pictures and can target a younger audience. 

There are many platforms to consider including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, blog, etc. Being present on several sites can be beneficial, but make sure one or two is your main focus making them strong.

Most social media platforms have the ability to check out the analytics of how you are doing. You can use that information to help you improve your content and better reach your audience. 

Kay Creative can be a huge asset to help you build your online marketing, contact me if you are interested in learning more about our services. 

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