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The Rule of 7: Consistently Reaching Your Audience

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The Rule of 7 is an older marketing tip meaning that potential customers need to “hear” your message seven times before they will take action. Does this rule still hold true today? In theory, yes, it does. However, the number seven specifically, isn’t completely accurate. With how flooded the market is with everyone trying to get consumers attention, it may take quite a few more than seven interactions to get your potential customer to take action. 

Social Media

Instead of focusing on contacting people over seven times, your focus should be on having a consistent message and consistent interactions. Social media makes it easier than ever to find and communicate with your potential customers. It offers an affordable way to market your brand on a platform that already has millions of people actively on it everyday. One thing to be careful about on social media, is not to over post. Posting 3 times a day sounds great for talking with your audience,  but might not help you get through to your clients. Posting too frequently often causes “Facebook Fatigue”, where people simply overlook your content because you share too much, or Facebook can all together not show your content on other’s feed if they don’t see it as valuable. Posting 2-3 quality posts a week has a better impact than over posting things that have little value to your audience. 

Content Matters

Quality is key when you are reaching your potential audience. Share something of value to your audience, whether that be information, encouragement, or even something to make them smile! Give them a reason to connect with you and stay connected. When creating your content for social media, remember you are “talking” to potential customers who have never heard of your business, and loyal customers who already know your brand. Creating content to satisfy all audiences will help grow your business. Images, videos, and links often get more attention on social media, rather than simple text posts. Therefore, including an image, video or link along with valuable information can help populate your content into more people’s feed. 

Importance of Repeated Interaction

As mentioned, seven interactions won’t necessarily cause your audience to take action. But why is it important to repeatedly interact with your audience? The market is flooded with information and people trying to sell to you. Individuals are not likely to take action the first time they learn of your brand. They can easily become distracted and forgetful. Therefore having your brand be consistent through repeated interactions will help your brand stick in your audience's mind. Whether someone is seeing your message for the first time or tenth time, you want your content to be of value to them. To get your audience to take action through purchasing your goods or signing up for your newsletter, they need to know you, trust you, and like you. Building those three areas takes time and consistency through repeated interactions. 

Even though the Rule of 7 may not be used or talked about much today, the concept behind it still remains true. Building a connection with your audience through offering them quality content will help you grow your business reach. 

If you need help creating content or would like some tips on being consistent, email me at and I would love to help you out! 

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