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The Start of Kay Creative

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My name is Kristy Livingston and I am the founder of Kay Creative! My marketing career started in high school and continued throughout college. I enjoyed helping non-profits market their business and helped organize fundraisers. I had no experience or training, just a passion for these non-profits and a desire to help. I am organized, and like to have a schedule, which helped build the foundation for my marketing to be a success. After organizing several fundraisers and marketing for these non-profits, I realized how much I enjoyed marketing and the impact it has on a business’ growth.

After graduating from high school, I attended Northwest Missouri State University (GO BEARCATS!) with a double major in Marketing and Business Management. I loved what I was learning in college and was able to use it to better serve the businesses I was working for. I graduated in 2.5 years with my Bachelor, got married, and moved to Kansas City to pursue my marketing goals. 

Then COVID hit. 

Unemployment skyrocketed, businesses had to halt operations, causing many smaller businesses to close their doors for good. It just seemed unfair that people who worked so hard to grow their business, were dying due to circumstances outside of their control. This is what motivated me to want to help. 

Kay Creative was established in July 2020 to offer affordable online marketing for small businesses, and to be a resource of information to help small businesses grow. Kay Creative offers an all encompassing plan to launch and grow a business through online marketing. The name “Kay Creative” comes from my middle name, Kay, and creating growth for those I serve and working together to be Creative and customize a plan for businesses. 

I am excited to work with different businesses, learn more about why they are passionate about what they are doing, and share my marketing skills with them! 

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