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About Kay Creative

Our mission is to help small businesses build an online presence, better connecting them with their audience.  

   Kay Creative works with small businesses around the midwest, helping them expand their online presence and customer base across state lines, and even across the globe. We offer several services at an affordable price, giving more businesses the opportunity to grow.
       We believe that visibility is credibility. In short, brand awareness is the soil in which a brand's credibility grows. As a business builds their visibility and online presence, it increases their credibility to their customer base. It is our passion to help you accomplish this for your business, and the many affordable and customizable services we provide are a great way to get started!



Why Marketing is Necessary

  • Creates more connections with current customer base 

  • Helps you construct a consistent client base

  • Ability to reach a larger audience that might not know about your business

  • Builds brand recognition encouraging repeat purchases

  • Opportunity to increase sales 

  • Increases your business' credibility

Who Is Kay Creative?

Hey, my name is Kristy Livingston and I started Kay Creative in July 2020.  I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a desire to use my gifts to help small businesses grow their reach and positive impact through a greater online presence. I created Kay Creative because I love small businesses and believe in the positive impact they have in their communities.

I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelors in Marketing and Business Management. Over the last five  years I have marketed on social media, websites, and traditional print media to help businesses expand their reach and growth. 


More About Kristy

  • Jesus is everything to me and I desire to live a life serving Him

  • I am married to my wonderful husband, David, and we have a dog named Gus 

  • I grew up in a small town in Southwest Iowa 

  • Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, especially going to the beach 

  • I have three sisters, including a twin (no we are not identical 😜)

  • Both of my parents have been running small businesses for the last 20 years 


This is my family! My three sisters, parents, my husband David, and my sister's husband. Can you tell which one is my twin? (She is in the floral top)

Copy of 472A6460.jpg

My husband, David, I, and our dog, Gus!

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