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Coffee... Latte Art & Roasting

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I have worked in the coffee industry since 2014! Over the last 7 years I have learned so much about the coffee process and how to make quality coffee.

Recently, I have gotten into latte art and absolutely loved the creative aspect of it. It is a new form of art that I had never done before. I started working at a new coffee shop 6 months ago, Headrush Roasters, ( where latte are is done often and encouraged!

Latte art is a form of artistic and creative expression that baristas refine over months to years of practice. One is not likely to succeed without a real love of coffee and lots of practice.

A beautiful latte art signifies the barista properly executed a well pulled espresso shot along with finely textured milk, nailing the two most crucial components to a great latte: espresso shot & the perfectly steamed milk!

Roasting is another area of coffee life that has been a new learning experience for me. At Headrush Roasters, we use an air roaster for our coffee. We roast our beans to a temperature between 400 degrees and 425 degrees.

Here are some of our temperatures for light to dark roasts:

Light roast: 400-410 (408 average)

Medium roast: 410-415 (412 average)

Dark roast: 415-425 (418 average)

Some businesses have their beans roasted much darker, however it often makes them more oily. Below is a chart that shows some of the different styles of roasting, Cinnamon Roast being the lightest and a French Roast is one of the darkest roasts done. An interesting fact about roasting is that the darker the roast, the less caffeine the beans have; meaning the lighter the roast the more caffeine the beans have. It is a minimal amount, however it is still interesting to know!

Coffee is something that I am passionate about and love learning about. I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I am not a huge fan of black coffee or espresso, but I very much enjoy the different flavors you can add to it to mix it up! My favorite coffee blend is vanilla ice cream, a shot of espresso, and a pump of caramel syrup 😍🍦☕️ (you definitely should try it)!

Check out my instagram stories to see some of my latte art and coffee fun I have throughout the week!


Roasting images and temperatures:

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